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Directory and guide to guns, gunsmithing, reloading, shooting and hunting.
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White-Tailed Deer

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Arrow Energy
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Remington Model 700
Remington Model 870
Ruger 10/22
Ruger M77
Winchester Model 70

Rifle Guide Site Map / Rifle Guide:
Centerfire Rifle Cartridges, Reloading Procedure, Reloading Equipment Guide.
How To Handload For Accuracy, Brass, Primers, Powder, Bullets.
Centerfire Rifle Ballistics, Hunting & Ballistics, 50 Yard Sight-In.
243 Winchester vs. 260 Remington vs. 7mm-08 Remington vs. 308 Winchester vs.
25-06 Remington vs. 270 Winchester vs. 280 Remington vs. 30-06 Springfield vs.
264 Winchester Magnum vs. 7mm Remington Magnum vs. 300 Winchester Magnum.
Winchester's Short Magnums.
Rimfire Rifle Ballistics - Muzzleloader Ballistics - Air Rifle Ballistics.
Twist Rates, Barrel Break-In, Rifle Scopes, Scope Mounts, Scope Mounting.
Autoloading Rifles: AK-47, AR-15, Barrett, M16, M4, M-14, M-1 Carbine,
 M-1 Garand, Mini 14, SKS.
Muzzleloaders: 45 Caliber, 45 Caliber Magnum, Accura 45 Caliber,
Accuracy - Black Powder - Substitute Powders.
Shotgun Guide Site map: Shotguns For Turkey - Remington Model 870.
Chokes - Choke Tubes - Choke Tube Types - Turkey Chokes.
Patterning - Patterning For Turkey - Analysis - Improvements.
Shotgun Shells Explained - SteelvsLead - Turkey Shotshells.
Bore Burnishing - Forcing Cones - Stock Fitting - Stocks Don't Fit.
Hunting Guide Site Map: Processing, Nutrition, Healthy Foods.
Bowhunting, Crossbow, Barnett Crossbows, Buck Commander, Ghost 350,
Ghost 400, Jackal, Panzer, Penetrator, Predator, Quad 400, Wildcat C5.

Arrows & Bolts - Arrow Drop - Arrow Energy - Broadheads - Broadhead Tuning.
Big Game - Small Game - Upland Birds - Waterfowl - Varmint / Predator.
Handgun Guide: Handgun Ballistics
- 22 Magnum - 25 Automatic - 32 Automatic - 380 Automatic - 9mm Luger -
357 SIG - 38 Special - 357 Magnum - 44 Magnum.
Cross Reference Guide: Belknap, Coast to Coast, Cotter, C.I.L., Gamble, Higgins, J.C.Penney, New Haven, Ranger, Sears, Western Auto, Western Field
Free Targets
Precision Sight-In TargetPrecision 100 Yard Sight-In TargetPrecision 25 Yard TargetPrecision 50 Yard TargetPrecision 75 Yard TargetPrecision 100 Yard TargetPrecision 200 Yard TargetPrecision 300 Yard TargetPrecision 400 Yard Target
Precision Bold Orange Grid Sight-In TargetPrecision Bold White Grid Sight-In TargetPrecision Bold Black Grid Sight-In TargetPrecision Muzzleloader Sight-In TargetPrecision Crow TargetPrecision Groundhog TargetPrecision Rabbit TargetPrecision Squirrel TargetPrecision Turkey Target
Precision Black Grid Clay TargetPrecision Orange Grid Clay TargetPrecision Black Grid Dove TargetPrecision Orange Grid Dove TargetPrecision Black And White Turkey TargetPrecision Black And White Turkey Target With Black GridPrecision Black And White Turkey Target With DetailsPrecision Black And White Turkey Target With Details And Black GridPrecision Black Grid Over Ghost Turkey Image Target
Precision Black And White Turkey Target With Orange VitalsPrecision Black And White Turkey Target With Orange Vitals And GridPrecision Black And White Turkey Target With Details And Orange VitalsPrecision Black And White Turkey Target With Details, Orange Vitals And GridPrecision Black And Orange Turkey TargetPrecision Black And Orange Turkey Target With White GridPrecision Black And Orange Turkey Target With DetailsPrecision Black And Orange Turkey Target With Details And White GridPrecision Orange Grid Over Ghost Turkey Image Target

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Muzzleloading Rifle Ballistics - Rimfire Rifle Ballistics - Centerfire Rifle Ballistics.
.17 HM2, .17 HMR, .17 WSM, 5mm Rem. Mag., .22 BB Cap, .22 CB Cap, .22 Short, .22 Long, .22 LR, .22 WRF, .22 WMR.
17 Rem., 204 Ruger, 22 Hornet, 222 Rem., 223 Rem., 22-250 Rem., 220 Swift, 223 WSSM, 243 Win., 6mm Rem., 243 WSSM,
240 Wby. Mag., 250 Sav., 257 Roberts, 25 WSSM, 25-06 Rem., 257 Wby. Mag., 6.5 x 55mm Swedish Mauser, 260 Rem.,
6.5mm Rem. Mag., 264 Win. Mag., 6.8 Rem., 270 Win., 270 WSM, 270 Wby. Mag., 7mm-08 Rem., 280 Rem., 7mm Rem. Mag.,
7mm WSM, 30-30 Win., 308 Win., 30-06 Sprg., 300 Win. Mag., 300 WSM, 300 Wby. Mag., 325 WSM, 338 Win. Mag.,
340 Wby. Mag., 357 Mag., 44 Rem. Mag., 444 Marlin, 45-70 Government. .45" Caliber Muzzleloading Rifles.