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222 Remington / History:
Centerfire Rifle Cartridges
Written by: Kim Lockhart, Copyright.

222 Remington:
 The 222 Remington was introduced by Remington in 1950. The 222 remington was a completely new 22 centerfire design in the United States as it was the first fully rimless cartridge in 22 centerfire.

 The 222 Remington remains as one of the top varmint rounds in the United States as it is one of the few cartridges that recoils very little and in most sporting rifles will shoot 1" or less size groups right out of the box. With 50 grain bullets traveling around 3,300 feet per second varmints don't stand much of a chance out to about 250 Yards.

 The 222 remington is a very light recoiling cartridge that almost anyone would enjoy shooting and is highly recommended for anyone who would like to try varminting as their first varmint cartridge.

  222 Remington Barrel Specifications.
Common Barrel Twist Rate - 1/14
Bore Groove Diameter - .224"

  222 Remington Reloading Specifications.
Bullet Diameter - .224"
Maximum Case Length - 1.700"
Trimmed Case Length - 1.690"
Primer Size - Small Rifle

222 Remington Loading Data Hints.
 The 222 remington is extremely accurate when loaded with bullet weights of 50 - 55 grains. I.M.R. powders 4198, 4895, 4320 and 3031 are extremely effective in the 222 remington case.

222 Remington Reloading Data.
Hodgdon Reloading Data Center.

222 Remington Trajectory and Hunting Applications.

 This is a down range trajectory chart for the 222 Remington cartridge with the scope mounted 1.5 inches above the bore center line plus if you were using this load, its effective hunting bullet energy range with well placed shots on,
Varmint / Predator size game, such as Bobcat, Cougar, Coyote.
Deer size game, such as Antelope, Blacktail, Hogs, Javelina, Mule, Whitetail.
Elk size game, such as Caribou, Black Bear, Sheep.
Moose size game, such as Brown Bear.
Bullet diameter .224"
Bullet weight 50 grains
Bullet ballistic coeffecient .223
Bullet velocity 3,300 feet per second.
100 yds.
200 yds.
300 yds.
400 yds.
500 yds.
+ 1.4
- 7.4
- 23.2
- 50.5

Rifle Ballistics:
.22" Caliber
22 Hornet
222 Rem.
223 Rem.
22-250 Rem.
220 Swift
223 WSSM

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