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30-30 Winchester:
Written by: Kim Lockhart, Copyright.

 The 30-30 Winchester centerfire rifle cartridge is a .30" caliber, rimmed, bottleneck cartridge case design and reloadable.
 Rifles chambered in this round have a barrel bore land to land diameter of .300" and a bore groove to groove diameter of .308".

 Common barrel rifling twist rates for the 30-30 Winchester are;
1 in 12".
 Common barrel lengths for the 30-30 Winchester are;
16", 18", 20", 22" and 24".

 Variables such as riflescope choices, riflescope mounts, which affect the line of sight above the bore centerline, rifle barrel length, all of which contribute to the ballistics of the 30-30 Winchester.

 To achieve maximum accuracy from your 30-30 Winchester rifle you need to properly mount your riflescope, break-in your rifle barrel and then accurately sight-in your rifle.

The 30-30 Winchester was introduced to the public as the first smokeless powder sporting cartridge by Winchester in 1895 as the .30 WCF, chambered in their then new model 1894 lever action rifle. It has been chambered in several different action types but the lever action is by far the most popular with Winchester's own Model 94 rifles running into the millions of firearms produced. The 30-30 Winchester is well beyond 100 years since its introduction and sales are still high for this cartridge. Simply put most deer are shot within a 100 yard range limit and they are found mostly in the woods where shots are limited to under 100 yards and the 30-30 Winchester cartridge in a short lever action rifle is more than adequate to get the job done and is excellent for hog hunting as well.

 The 30-30 Winchester is slowly coming into its own with the latest technology in ammunition manufacturing, adding a little more effective range is a good thing for any rifle cartridge and for the old 30-30 Winchester cartridge, Hornady has certainly give it a boost with their new LeverEvolution 30-30 Winchester ammunition by adding another 100 yards to the effective range of the cartridge. Bufflao Bore now manufactures a 190 grain Hawk bullet loading that surely adds stopping power on larger game animals at close range to the once and still very popular 30-30 Winchester.

  The 30-30 Winchesters recoil is less than the 308 Winchester cartridge and light enough for most individuals to enjoy shooting all day long with no ill effects felt from recoil. Just remember to use only round-nose or flat-point bullets for use in tubular magazine rifles.

30-30 Winchester Hunting Applications:
 This is a down range trajectory chart for the 30-30 Winchester cartridge as fired and recorded from a barrel length of 24" with the scope mounted 1.5 inches above the bore center line plus if you were using this load, its effective hunting bullet energy range with well placed shots on;
Varmint / Predator: Such As, Bobcat, Cougar, Coyote.
Deer Size Game: Such As, Antelope, Blacktail Deer, Hogs, Javelina, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Small Black Bear.
Elk Size Game: Such As, Caribou, Large Black Bear, Sheep, Goats, Muskox, Elk.
Bullet diameter .308".
Bullet weight 160 grains.
Bullet ballistic coefficient .330.
Bullet muzzle velocity 2,400 feet per second.
Bullet muzzle energy 2,046 foot pounds.
Range 50 Yds. 100 Yds. 150 Yds. 200 Yds. 250 Yds.
Bullet Trajectory + 1.1" + 2.0" + 1.0" - 2.1" - 7.6"
Bullet Energy 1,836 1,643 1,467 1,305 1,159
Varmint / Predaor + + + + +
Deer Size Game + + + + -
Elk Size Game + - - - -

30-30 Winchester Ammunition:
30-30 Winchester
Ft. lbs.
8.5 lb. Rifle,
Ft. lbs.
Remington 55 .139 3,400 1,412 4.49
Federal 125 .171 2,570 1,833 8.64
Hornady 140 .277 2,465 1,889 9.52
Winchester 150 .237 2,390 1,902 10.03
Hornady 160 .330 2,400 2,046 11.04
Remington 170 .254 2,200 1,827 10.64
Buffalo Bore 190 .339 2,170 1,987 12.22

30-30 Win.
Hunting & Ballistics

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