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308 Winchester History And General Information:
Written by: Kim Lockhart, Copyright.

308 Winchester:
 The 308 Winchester is a very popular .30" caliber, bottleneck centerfire rifle cartridge design that was introduced to the public as a civilian sporting cartridge by Winchester in September 1952. Winchester's Model 70 bolt action and Model 88 lever action rifles were then chambered for the cartridge featuring a 1 in 10" rifling twist. This cartridge has been used by bench rest NRA high power and metallic silhouette shooters quite successfully in competition, lending well to its accuracy reputation which is in part due to less recoil felt by shooters that the cartridge generates.

 While much has been written about the 308 Winchester cartridge it truly is a great hunting cartridge and is used as such worldwide. My own personal favorite bullet weight is 150 grains as it does offer milder recoil with a lot of down range energy for any animal walking in the woods of North America including, elk and moose.

 The 308 Winchester is a very good cartridge for those wanting to make use of a .308" diameter bullet for hunting but not wanting the felt recoil of a 300 Winchester Magnum rifle or 30-06 Springfield. The 308 Winchester recoil is quite tolerable when shooting 125-165 grain weight bullets. With bullet weights of 125 grain 308 Winchester chambered rifles can be used for predator hunting, 150 grain bullets for deer hunting and 165 grain bullets for moose and elk hunting.

 The most surprising thing with 308 Winchester chambered rifles is most are very accurate and with a barrel length of 22" you still have excellent bullet velocity for a small case capacity cartridge. While there is a trend to do more with less in ammunition manufacturing, Hornady and Nosler lead this field offering some of the best ammunition going to date for 308 Winchester rifle users, excellent velocity and down-range performance coupled with excellent accuracy as well.

308 Winchester Cartridge Case Dimensions:
Neck Diameter - .3433".
Shoulder Diameter - .4539".
Base Diameter - .4709".
Rim Diameter - .4728".

308 Winchester Barrel Specifications:
Common Barrel Twist Rate - 1 in 12" & 1 in 10".
Bore Groove Diameter - .308"

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308 Winchester - Hunting & Ballistics - Reloading.