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6.8mm Remington SPC / History:
Centerfire Rifle Cartridges
Written by: Kim Lockhart, Copyright.

6.8mm Remington SPC:
 The 6.8mm Remington SPC / 6.8x43mm SPC was conceived by a U.S. Special Operations soldier. The 6.8mm Remington SPC is based on the old 30 Remington cartridge case, the case was necked down to .27 caliber, shortened, blown out and given a new shoulder to maximize case capacity. Remington began to develop the 6.8x43mm back in 2002 and is officially introducing it to the public as the 6.8mm Remington SPC. Initial factory loadings were with a 115 grain bullet with a ballistic coefficient of .344.

 The 6.8mm Remington SPC has a bullet trajectory almost identical to that of the .308 Winchester using 125 - 150 grain bullets, less chamber pressure than the .223 and fits into the M16 magazine. In addition to any role the 6.8mm Remington SPC will have as a military cartridge, it may well have or establish a small following as a hunting cartridge for small- to medium-size game at ranges out to about 250 yards.

 Remington is now producing the 6.8mm Remington SPC ammunition in four loadings, all with 115-grain bullets. Open Tip Match BC 0.344, Metal Case BC 0.292, Boat Tail Hollow Point Match BC 0.333 and Core-LoktŪ Ultra Bonded BC 0.295. Remington has already chambered and sold rifles for the 6.8mm Remington SPC in their model 700 SPS in which it is sporting a 26" length barrel with a 1 in 9" twist rate. Recoil for this cartridge in this sporting rifle is very low and quite manageable.

6.8mm Remington SPC Barrel Specifications.
Common Barrel Twist Rate - 1 in 10" - 1 in 9".
Bore Groove Diameter - .277"

6.8mm Remington SPC Reloading Specifications.
Bullet Diameter - .277"
Trimmed Case Length - 1.676"
Primer Size - Large Rifle

6.8mm Remington SPC Loading Data Hints.
 The 6.8mm Remington SPC cartridge responds well with H322 powder delivering good velocities and accuracy.

6.8mm Remington SPC Reloading Data.
Hodgdon Reloading Data Center.

6.8mm Remington SPC Trajectory and Hunting Applications.

 This is a down range trajectory chart for the 6.8mm Remington SPC cartridge with the scope mounted 1.5 inches above the bore center line plus if you were using this load, its effective hunting bullet energy range with well placed shots on,
Deer size game, such as Antelope, Blacktail, Hogs, Javelina, Mule, Whitetail.
Bullet diameter .277"
Bullet weight 115 grains
Bullet ballistic coeffecient .344
Bullet velocity 2,625 feet per second
100 yds.
200 yds.
300 yds.
400 yds.
500 yds.
+ 2.3
- 10.0
- 29.6
- 61.2

Rifle Ballistics:
.27" Caliber
6.8 Rem.
270 Win.
270 WSM
270 Wby. Mag.

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