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Muzzle-Loading Rifle - Covers the use of black powder and black powder substitute powders used as a propellant in muzzle-loading rifles, ballistic comparison charts of powders as well.

Black Powder Components:
Firefox - Offers chemical components to produce black powder.
Skylighter - Offers all components to produce black powder.

Black Powder Informational:
Black Powder & Muzzleloading - Covers the use of black powder as a propellant in black powder rifles.
Civil War Artillery - Historically correct information, excellent educational web-site.
Artillery Through The Ages - Historically correct information for American artillery.

Black Powder Manufacturers:
Green Mountain - Manufactures very accurate black powder gun barrels.
Rice Barrels - Match grade and benchrest quality muzzleloader barrels.

Diamondback Cannons - Manufactures the M45-G/2 black powder cannon.

Austin & Halleck - Manufactures black powder rifles.
Colt - Manufactures black powder handguns, rifles & shotguns.
CVA - Manufactures black powder handguns, rifles & shotguns.
Knight - Manufactures black powder rifles.
Lyman - Manufactures black powder handguns & rifles.
Marlin - Manufactures black powder rifles.
Remington - Manufactures black powder rifles.
Savage - Manufactures black powder rifles.
Thompson Center - Manufactures black powder rifles & shotguns.
Traditions - Manufactures black powder handguns, rifles & shotguns.
Ultimate Firearms, Inc. - Manufactures the powerful BP Xpress muzzleloading rifle.

Gun Stocks
Gunstocks Plus - Premium muzzleloader wood products plus carving service.
Harrison Gun Stocks - Muzzleloader gun stock blanks to finished rifles.

Parts / Various
TDC Manufacturing - Manufactures quality cappers plus copper and brass gun parts.

American - Manufactures american pioneer powder in FF, FFF and stick.
Elephant - Manufactures black powder and imports Swiss black powder.
Goex - Manufactures black powder and Pinnacle powder.
Hodgdon - Manufactures Pyrodex and Triple Seven powder.
MAGKOR - Manufactures BlackMag3 powder.

Barnes - Manufactures sabots and bullets.
Hornady - Manufactures swaged lead round ball, sabots and bullets.
Nosler - Manufactures sabots and muzzleloader partition bullets.
PowerBeltBullet - Manufactures Power Belt bullets.
Precision Rifle - Manufactures very accurate muzzleloader bullets.
Speer - Manufactures swaged lead round ball.

Jim Chambers - Manufactures formerly Siler locks in sixteen different sidelocks.

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