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Purpose Of Listings.
 The purpose and reasoning for a listing of certain criteria is that we build an exacting directory to which visitors will easily find in the directory exactly what they are looking for within a few clicks of their search, this reduces bandwidth usage and speeds things right along in the Internet pipeline.
Rules For Submission.
 1. Your site will be reviewed by a very knowledgeable gun person before a listing is given, we are looking for your factual information, not book copied material, site content is crucial.
 2. You need only to submit your site once.
 3. Reloading Sites, the load data listed on your site must have verifiable means of having been pressure tested in a lab somewhere, otherwise do not submit.
 4. Your website must be of at least 20 pages in size to be listed in the directory and it must have its own unique www. address. Otherwise, linking submit form.
 5. Be sure to select the appropriate category for listing.
Send us your details, this is the information we need for your listing:
Site Description: 

Send Information To Webmaster@GunnersDen.com!
OR Kim Lockhart@GunnersDen.com!

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