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Firearms Web-Sites:

GunnersDen.com Directory and guide to guns, gunsmithing, reloading, shooting and hunting. Specific features of this site:
Firearm Cross Reference Guide, Blackpowder Guide,
Handgun Guide, Rifle Guide and Shotgun Guide.

Chuck Hawks, Owner and Managing Editor of Guns & Shooting Online shares his views of firearms with various articles. Specific firearm features of this site include: Handgun Page,
Muzzleloader Page, Rifle Page and Shotgun Page.

Gun Directory, firearm reference guides of pistols, revolvers, rifles, and shotguns. Firearm forum, and local gun show, gun shop, and shooting ranges. Specific firearm features of this site include: Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles and Shotguns.

Guns & Ammo Magazine, continues to delight its readers with its on-line presence with various firearm articles, firearm torture tests and firearms reviews. Specific firearm features of this site include: Handguns, Rifles and Shotguns.

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