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Gamo Whisper .177 Caliber Air Rifle:

Excellent Rabbit & Squirrel Small Game Air Rifle.
 One of the more noted features of the Gamo Whisper air rifle is the 18 inch fluted, polymer jacketed, rifled steel barrel which in part contributes heavily to its accuracy. The steel barrel is of good quality for a high speed air rifle as it would have to be with a velocity of 1200 feet per second with PBA ammo and 1000 feet per second with lead .177 caliber pellets. (More Ballistics)

 More to the point of the Gamo Whisper name is the non-removable noise dampener at the end of its barrel that reduces its noise footprint up to 52%, to achieve this desirable noise reduction shoot the heaviest lead pellet you can find that is .177 caliber. The PBA ammo cracks, because of the high velocity.

 The Gamo Whisper air rifle is a single-shot, break barrel single cocking system with spring piston actuator for power that only requires 30 pounds of cocking force. This rifle also features an automatic cocking safety system with a manual trigger safety. The trigger is a nice clean 2 stage trigger that is adjustable very desirable feature for any rifle and the trigger pull is already set at 3.74 pounds.

 The Gamo Whisper stock is a tough all weather molded synthetic featuring a non-slip texture design with a ventilated rubber pad for recoil absorption. The cheekpiece is a thin cheekpad molded on each side for both Right hand and Left hand shooters. The stock does feature checkering on the grip and forearm.

Fiber optic front sight with sight guard.
Fiber optic adjustable rear sight.
Scope Ramp: Raised Rail.
Scope: 3-9x40 standard reticle air rifle scope with one piece solid mount.
Weight: 5.28 Pounds.
Length: 46 Inches.
CALIBER: .177.

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