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Guns Appraisers Web-Sites:

Blue Book Gun Appraisals - Instant values, information and specs for thousands of firearms. We offer three options for appraisals:
Self Service - we offer you the ability to look up information and find it's value yourself for $2.95. Online Subscriptions for this option.
$10 or $15 Questions - we answer qun questions with a charge of $10 per gun value question, payable by a major credit card. All gun questions are answered on a first-come, first-served basis.
Written Appraisals - written appraisals will be performed only if the following criteria are met: We must have good quality photos with a complete description, including manufacturer's name, model, gauge or caliber, barrel length, and other pertinent information.

Guns International - Need help with the value of your firearm? There is no better way to price your gun than to compare your gun to similar guns currently listed for sale this option costs you nothing, a free gun appraisal. Check out the gunís for sale on GunsInternational.com for a pricing comparison, we have over 50,000 guns for sale by numerous dealers and collectors alike.
 We also offer for a fee, a personal gun appaisal. A full online appraisal service that includes guns such as handguns, muzzleloaders, rifles and shotguns, enabling customers to learn both the current market value as well as the replacement value of their specific gun based on submitted information.

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