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Gunsmithing Schools:

American Gunsmith Institute
American Gunsmithing Institute
1325 Imola AvenueWest, Suite 504, Napa, CA 94559 E-mail
 American Gunsmithing Institute offers many different video courses on how to repair, clean, and customize many different types of firearms!

Colorado School of Trades
Colorado School of Trades
1575 Hoyt Street Lakewood, CO 80215
 The Colorado School of Trades prepares their students for an exciting career as a Gunsmith, operating lathes and mills, and performing detailed wood shaping and finishing.

Foley-Belsaw Institute
6301 Equitable Road, Kansas City, MO 64120-1395
Phone: 1-800-821-3452
 Learn gunsmithing in your own home, one of the wonderful things about Foley-Belsaw's self-paced training is that there is no set schedule that you have to follow.

Montgomery community college
1011 Page Street Troy, NC 27371
Telephone: (910) 576-6222, Ext. 264 or 1-800-839-6222
 Students are taught skills in machine shop, metal finishing, stock making and finishing, firearm servicing, repair and the laws and regulations governing firearms and businesses.

Modern Gun School
80 North Main Street, PO Box 846,
St. Albans, Vermont 05478
Phone: 1-800-493-4114
 Learn Gunsmithing in your spare time and at your own pace! Modern has trained over 50,000 students at home since 1946 in the precision craft of gun repair. We offer two levels of training: Basic Gun Repair and Advanced Gun Repair.

Pennsylvania gunsmith school
Pennsylvania Gunsmith School
812, Ohio River Boulevard, Avalon,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15202
Phone: (412) 766-1812 or Fax: (412) 766-1812
 As a student at the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School you will be taught bluing, welding, chambering, lathe operation, repairing, milling machine, checkering, tool making, hand loading, forging and heat treating.

Thomson Education Direct
 Train at home in your spare time to be a Gunsmith. Make money working for an established business or start one of your own. Even if you have no previous experience, Education Direct can give you the skills you need for a new career.

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