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Wikipedia Gunsmithing: A good overview of gunsmithing such as jobs and job descriptions that are available to all properly educated gunsmiths seeking employment working for large gun shops.

Practical Machinist Gunsmithing Forum: All budding machinist and soon to be gunsmiths will love the insight on this site. Gunsmith machining questions answered here, very informative.

Gunsmithing Equipment:

Brownell's:The world's largest supplier of gunsmithing tools and supplies under one roof. Metal Finishing / Polishing - Hot Bluing
Handgun Tools - Rifle Tools - Shotgun Tools - Gunstock Finishing.

Grizzly Imports: Grizzly Industrial is a national retail, mailorder and internet company in the U.S.A. providing high quality woodworking and metalworking machinery and accessories beneficial to gunsmiths and gun shops.

South Bend Lathe: South Bend Lathe, manufacturer of precision metalworking lathes. CNC Milling and CNC Turning Machines as well. These machines are well known for their accuracy in gun shops around the world.

Terrco Gunstock Carving Machine: Terrco produces woodcarving equipment and railroad grinding equipment. Most notably here is their K-Star (Model KS-5048) Gun-Stock Carving Machine, ideal for production runs of gunstocks.

Gunsmithing Schools:

American Gunsmith Institute: American Gunsmithing Institute offers many different video courses on how to repair, clean, and customize many different types of firearms!

Foley-Belsaw Institute: Learn gunsmithing in your own home, one of the wonderful things about Foley-Belsaw's self-paced training is that there is no set schedule that you have to follow.

Modern Gun School: Learn Gunsmithing in your spare time and at your own pace! Modern has trained over 50,000 students at home since 1946 in the precision craft of gun repair. We offer two levels of training: Basic Gun Repair and Advanced Gun Repair.

Pennsylvania Gunsmith School: As a student at the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School you will be taught bluing, welding, chambering, lathe operation, repairing, milling machine, checkering, tool making, hand loading, forging and heat treating.

Penn Foster: Train at home in your spare time to be a Gunsmith. Make money working for an established business or start one of your own. Even if you have no previous experience, Penn Foster can give you the skills you need for a new career.

Gunsmithing How To:

Action Blueprinting
Attaching the Recoil Pad
Barrel Bedding Block
Bolt Sleeving
Building a Muzzle Loader from Kit
Calculating Rifle Precision
Eliminate Trigger Over-Travel
Floating the Barrel
Glass Bedding
Making a Custom Stock
Minor Gun Stock Adjustments
Patterning A Shotgun
Pillar Bedding
Reading Shot Patterns
Refinishing An Existing Gun Stock
Rifle Bore, - Break In and Cleaning
Scope Mounting
Shotgun Bore Burnishing / Polishing
Sight In
Target Crowning a Muzzle
What is M.O.A.?
Wood Stains and Gun Stocks

Gunsmithing Books:

Amazon.com: Gunsmithing books with extremely detailed information that any professional or do-it-yourself gunsmith will certainly appreciate.
Gunsmithing Projects
The NRA Gunsmithing Guide
Firearms Assembly, Disassembly, and Cleaning
Gunsmithing: Pistols & Revolvers
Gunsmithing: Rifles
Gunsmithing: Shotguns
Gunsmithing - The AR-15

Blackpowder Guide:
Rifle Guide:
Shotgun Guide:
Cross Reference:

Gunsmithing - Parts - Gunsmiths.