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Reloading Procedure
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by C. Rodney James

List Price $21.95
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The ABC's of Reloading is an excellent book for the person who is considering reloading his (or her) own pistol cartridges. Metallic cartridge reloading is covered in detail. Various types of equipment and tools are discussed as well as cases, bullets, primers and powders. The book places strong emphasis on safety, a highly recommended book for beginners.

by Frank C. Barnes

List Price $27.95
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Cartridges of the World is the foremost source for rifle cartridge information. Hunters, target shooters, military history buffs, ammunition reloaders and cartridge collectors alike will find all the answers to their rifle cartridge questions in this comprehensive book that includes 1,500+ cartridges. This reference book includes detailed photos, dimensional drawings and loading data.

Stopping Power
by Evan P. Marshall

List Price $49.95
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This book is a practical analysis of the latest handgun ammunition providing the very latest street results of all the major handgun calibers, from .22 LR to .45 ACP. It also contains chapters on short-barrel ballistics, the emergence of the hot new .357 SIG caliber, the continued success of the .40 S&W, the development of the latest exotic handgun ammunition.

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