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1-d.gif - 1035 BytesAccuracy Guide To Reloading: Understanding what it takes and how to test your handloads for accuracy, velocity and maximum pressure.
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Load Testing

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Accuracy - Brass - Primers - Powder - Bullets - Load Testing - Run-Out.

Safety Note: Before testing any load you have worked up always wear ear and eye protection!

Rifle Cartridge Load Testing:
 1. Your rifles bore condition is critical at this point and most likely even though you keep it clean unless you use a good copper solvent it is almost without saying that your barrel is copper fouled beyond serious accuracy testing.
(Bore Cleaning)

 2. Scope mounting is also critical, while most shooters know how to mount a scope, very few know how to mount a scope precisely for ultimate accuracy over extended range shooting at very distant targets.
(Scope Mounting)

 3. The next step in accurate load testing is a rock solid shooting platform. A shooting bench that is anchored to the ground is a must for any serious accuracy testing.

 4. The next step after establishing a shooting platform in load testing is to have a good rifle rest to anchor your rifle, rifle rest bags are ok but the Outers Varminter adjustable rifle rest is more solid and accurate.

 5. Target and targeting this is simply one of the most overlooked areas when reloaders are working up loads for accuracy load testing, simply put you need an accurate targeting system. Using our free target you put up the target using a level which will help eliminate scope and rifle canting on the rifle rest. This target has been made to align the crosshairs of your scope with the diamond shape points on the target.

 6. Once you are satisfied with testing the accuracy of your load the next step is to test the velocity of the load for trajectory purposes. The Alpha Chrony Chronograph gives 1-string, 32-shot memory (numbered). Measures high, low and average velocities, extreme spread and standard deviations. Stereo jack for optional remote control. Retrieval of individual shot velocity measurements. With a flip of the finger switch, from FPS to MPS and vice versa.

 7. The last and final step in load testing. For those commercial loaders and handloaders interested in optimizing load performance as well as staying within industry recommended standards, Western Powders' ballistics lab is the place to start. Western Powders' lab utilizes the piezoelectric transducer system recommended by SAAMI for all pressure testing. Pressure is read by a voltage meter and digital oscilloscope providing both the peak recorded pressure and the pressure curve trace. Projectile speed is recorded with a velocity meter and digital counter. Western's pressure & velocity testing services are available to the commercial loader as well as the individual handloader.

Accuracy - Brass - Primers - Powder - Bullets - Load Testing - Run-Out.

Reloading Accuracy: 223 Remington Reloading, 243 Winchester Reloading, 25-06 Remington Reloading, 270 Winchester Reloading,
7mm Remington Magnum Reloading, 30-30 Winchester Reloading, 308 Winchester Reloading, 30-06 Springfield Reloading,
300 Winchester Magnum Reloading.