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Rifle Cartridges & Ballistics: Books.
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Rifle Cartridges and Ballistics Books:

Ammo and Ballistics;
4th Edition:

 Robert Forker has spent countless hours calculating the exact ballistics for all major factory-loaded ammo out to 1,000 yards. When taking a shot, you need to know how much your bullet drops and how it is influenced by the wind. This book has all that as well as a listing of Taylor's KO tables and information on energy and ballistic coefficients. The book lists 173 different calibers and over 2,400 different loads from the .17 Mach 2 rimfire to the very powerful .700 Nitro Express.
Understanding Firearm Ballistics;
6th Edition:

 The improved 6th Edition, with better charts, easier math, better drawings, and improved readability, explains the subject of ballistics in understandable terms. The original text has been line edited, improved & expanded with up-to-date explanations and examples. The only complete ballistics reference book of extensive information with 432 pages of little known facts. A complete ballistics guide that is full of valuable data with illustrations, drawings, charts, tables, tips, glossary, index, and detailed facts.
Cartridges of The World;
12th Edition:

 A comprehensive work covering more than 1,500 cartridges from past and present. Expanded coverage includes ballistics and loading information. More than 650 black and white photos. This premiere ammunition guide outlines the different facets of a wide variety of cartridges, and in doing so helps you chose the best caliber for the type of shooting you are doing. Book contains large-size photographs, load data and ballistics for commercially made, obsolete, military and wildcat cartridges.

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