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Rifle Repairs And Maintenance:
Written by: Kim Lockhart, Copyright.

Rifle Gunsmithing:
 The first point I want to make here is, if you like to tinker with your rifles and do things yourself to save money, just be mindful of; if you ever have to sell your rifle or rifles, appearance is everything. There is nothing worse than messed up or worse stripped screws in a rifle and for certain will depreciate the value.

 If you glass-bed your barreled action, match the bedding material color to the stock color as well as this will detract from the over-all appearance of your rifle as well.

 If you have to drive pins out of your rifle or move your sights there are special punches and or drifts that need to be used to keep from marring your rifles finish, again mark up the finish and this will take away from your rifles value.

 Instead of taking a cleaning kit to the range with you for a rifle shooting session use a hoppes bore snake, quick, easy and efficient.

 A rifle is a precision built piece of equipment capable of taking out long distant targets for the average person we'll say 350 yds. with a tiny projectile for most users under 1/2" in. in diameter. Where as a shotgun has a pattern of about 30" in. at about 40 yds. with many projectiles (shot) and yet all you ever read and hear about is proper shotgun fitting.

 Now before you retaliate with the statement a shotgun is pointed and not aimed which by the way is not true but only for instinctive shooters of which there are very few with Tom Knapp as the best known.

 The reason that is not true, as when you are fitted properly with your shotgun; when that gun hits your shoulder you should be looking directly down the rib on the barrel at your intended target with bead on barrel as front sight and your eye as the rear sight. (Hence aimed not pointed.)

 Which brings me to my point, a rifle needs to be fitted to an individual, even to a higher degree than any short range shotgun. I have over the years altered more rifles to fit individuals than shotguns and the results were always the same, very satisfied big game hunters who were able to make shots on larger animals simply because when their rifles hit their shoulders they were looking at their quary in their scopes and did not have to look around for them.

Rifle Storage And Maintenance.
 While you may have invested a lot of hard earned money into your firearms, it will all be for not unless you properly store and maintain them. Always use good quality solvents and lubes on your firearms and protect them in your home with a good quality gun safe or cabinet.

Rifle Gunsmithing Book:
 For the do-it-yourself gunsmith, this book, Gunsmithing Rifles by Patrick Sweeney offers an abundance of quality, useful information in the form of specific instruction for home shop projects. There are no chapters that would not be of value to the average rifle enthusiast. There is a great section on refreshing hunting rifles. This includes correcting poor rifle accuracy, refinishing wood and metal parts, drilling and tapping scope mounts and metallic sights. The information continues on into action/bolt lapping, rechambering, changing a bolt handle, installing a new safety. An inexpensive book that provides detailed coverage of trigger replacement and tuning, by rifle manufacturer.

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