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Ruger LCR History:
 The Ruger LCR (Lightweight Compact Revolver) is a lightweight, compact, five shot, .38 Special, capable of handling +P ammunition, personal defense, double-action revolver and was introduced to the shooting public by Ruger in Jauary 2009. The Ruger LCR operates in double-action only as the hammer is concealed within the frame of the gun and cannot be cocked prior to firing.

 This is Ruger's second entry into the sales field of tiny, light personal defense handguns. With the Ruger LCR weighing in at only 13.5 ounces this double-action revolver is easily carried by anyone who wishes to carry a handgun concealed all day long. The Ruger LCR was designed in direct response to customer requests for a compact handgun for use by police as a back-up, and as a defensive handgun for civilian concealed carry needs.

The Ruger LCR incorporates several novel features such as a polymer grip and trigger housing, monolithic receiver, and constant force trigger.

Finish: Matte Black, Synergistic Hard Coat
Grips: Hogue® Tamer™
Front Sight: Replaceable, Pinned Ramp Rear Sight: U-Notch Integral
Barrel Material: 17-4 PH Aerospace Grade Stainless Steel Cylinder Finish:
Barrel Length: 1.88"
Overall Length: 6.50"
Width: 1.28"
Height: 4.50"
Weight: 13.50 oz.
Twist: 1:16" RH
Grooves: 6
Cylinder Capacity: 5
MSR Price $525.00

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