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White-Tailed Deer Hunting Tips: Full Rut

White-Tailed Deer Hunting Full-Rut Stage:
 It is late in the deer archery season now and the male deer are now actively beginning to chase the female deer in anticipation of the first females coming into the estrus cycle waiting to be bred.

 Now the male deer actively start to freshen up scrapes and rubs, eating has now become less of a priority as the interest in the opposite sex starts to take over a male deer's brain and they become very aggressive toward each other.

 Each male deer becomes a solitary unit seeking out any fresh female deer he can find to pass his genes on to the next generation of deer. It is now, that once again, you have to change your archery deer hunting strategy.

Deer Sex Scents:
 Ahhh love is in the air, can you smell it, actually you can. Now is the time to use female deer-in-estrus, male deer-in-rut, urine and glandular scent lures to spike scrapes and create scent trails leading to your tree stand.

 The trick here is quite simple, something as simple as a cotton ball tied to a low lying twig laced with female deer estrus scent will bring any male deer running to you and it's at this time that large male deer drop most of their survival instincts looking for love.

 Bucks at this point are in a frenzy and will actually run overtop of you if you are not careful in the woods at this point, seriously, I had to shoot a small racked two year old buck once because I was on the ground in the wrong spot while in the process of removing a scented cotton ball from that days hunt.

 Using the right scent at this point in the season is quite effective, just be careful and alert if you're on the ground. Always, when you're done deer hunting for the day, remove all the scents that you may have out that you can remove.

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