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Shotgun Bore Burnishing:
 Actual gains in pattern density, evenness and point of impact consistency can be had cheaply by simply burnishing the shotguns bore, chamber and forcing cone.

 This applies to all shotgun bores other than chromed bores, all shotgun bores are polished but not burnished, burnishing removes all the scratches from shotgun bores left by polishing with abrasives.

 This is very consistent and your first line of defense in greatly reducing moisture trapped in the bore of the shotgun which then starts the process of rust formation in the barrel.

 Shotgun bore burnishing actually closes the pores in the gun metal and leaves the metal surface very slick, it will make almost any shotgun more consistent in patterning and point of impact.

 Shotgun bore burnishing reduces substantially plastic fouling left in shotgun bores from plastic wads, which in turn reduces pattern consistency.

 Burnishing is really simple to do, but, it is very time consuming, when done properly, it can be very rewarding in benefit of increased pattern density and consistency.

To Burnish A Shotgun Bore All You Need Is:

1. A 3/8" or larger dowel rod the length of the shotgun barrel.

2. An electric drill.

3. 0000 steel wool.

Note: Steel wool coarser than 000 may actually scratch the bore.

How To Burnish:

1. Take the dowel rod and make a few nicks in the end that you will run through the bore just enough to grab the steel wool.

2. Wind the steel wool around the dowel rod like a q-tip just enough so that it will pass through the bore of barrel while being spun by the drill.

3. Next just chuck the rod in the drill and start burnishing.

4. Run the whole rod back and forth the entire bore for about an hour.

Note: The barrel will heat up during this process, so, care should be taken here.

Tip: If the shotguns bore is rough from rust, a little shot of wd-40 on the steel wool will help in removing it.

Result: I have used this method on all my shotguns and results are always the same, extremely bright bores and consistent shooters.

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