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Shotguns - Manufacturers - Choke Tubes - Shotgun Shells - Gunsmiths - For Sale.

Shotgun Gunsmiths:
Briley - Specializes in the full spectrum of customizing shotgun gunsmith work, their services are just to numerous to list here. High quality!

Gander Mountain - Open shotgun choke to your specs (all gauges), Lengthen forcing cone, Lengthen chamber to 3, Install Poly-Choke 5/16 aluminum rib on most plain barrels, Resolder ribs, Remove dents and straighten barrels, Inlet to drop or raise stock plus many more services offered to shotgun owners.

Gary's Guns - Custom Built Shotgun Barrels for match shooting and turkey hunting, Backbore, Sleeve, Chamber Ring and Extend Barrel.

Kolar Arms - Kolar offers complete shotgun woodworking services, including adjustable combs, (regular or soft-top), length-of-pull/cast adjustable mechanism, recoil pad installation or stock bending. A complete stock fitting service is available at our facility on an appointment basis.

Seminole Gunworks - Shotgun Performance Specialists. Seminole specializes in the making of Precision Choke Tubes for most makes and model of shotguns also offers other shotgun barrel work with the expertise and machining capabilities to take your shotgun to the highest level of performance.

Shotgun Guide:
Shotgun Shells
Shotguns - Manufacturers - Choke Tubes - Shotgun Shells - Gunsmiths - For Sale.