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Shotgun Information:
Shotgun-Insight - Shotgun pattern analysis and free online tools.

Amateur Trapshooting Association - Amateur Trapshooting Association of America, most relevant information in amateur trap shooting such as regulation target speed and general overview of trap shooting, scoring, scores and more.

Trapshooters.com - is devoted to informing the public about the sport of trapshooting, help you find the information you need to get involved in the sport of trapshooting, learn how, and where to go shoot trap.

Shotguns - A shotgun guide focused on correct information, chokes, choke tubes, patterns and more.

Shotgun World - A central resource for all things shotgun related including forums, classifieds and gun identification.

Shotgun Cross Reference - This index is a cross reference for retail brand name guns to their actual manufacturers and model numbers for proper identification.

Brownells - This web-site carries a vast selection of shotgun parts, factory and after-market. They also carry the widest selection of shotgun gunsmithing tools including bluing tank set-ups.

Shotgun Guide:
Shotgun Shells
Shotguns Directory