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Shotgun Maintenance:
 While you may have invested a lot of hard earned money into your shotguns, it will all be for not unless you properly store and maintain them. Always use good quality solvents, wood stock wax and lubes on your shotguns and protect them in your home with a good high quality gun safe or lockable gun cabinet for security.

Shotgun Gunsmithing Maintenance:
 The first point I want to make here is, if you like to tinker with your shotguns and do things yourself to save money, just be mindful of that if you ever have to sell your shotgun, appearance is everything.

 There is nothing worse than messed up or worse stripped screws in a shotgun and for certain will depreciate the value. Removing various parts of a shotgun for cleaning and maintenance is a must, just be careful and use proper fit screwdrivers for the job.

 The second point I would like to make is this. If you have to drive pins out of your shotgun there are special punches and or drifts that need to be used to keep from marring your shotguns finish, again mark up the finish and this will take away from your shotguns value.

 The third point I would like to stress here is that a shotguns barrel on the interior portion near the choke will plastic foul badly with just one day of good shooting and will absolutely destroy any hopes of having a good pattern. Bore polishing or burnishing will help dramatically.

 While hunting it is possible you could get caught in a rain storm and rain is very damaging to shotguns exterior and interior. Gun stock wax will protect the wood finish quite well when in this situation, however for metal, carrying a can of wd-40 in your vehicle is a real good idea as you can immediately spray the metal parts with wd-40 and wd-40 will quickly displace the water and spare your metal parts from damage.

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